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Pricing Packages

Basic $459.00
For systems in need of a wipe cleaning.
  • Air wash and wipe all registers.
  • Air wash boots and clean the trunk line from the back of the house to the furnace.
  • Air clean those portions of the furnace unit that are in the breathing zone.
  • Air wash A/C coil.
  • Air wash furnace interior.
  • Clean return air grill.
  • Clean return air ducts.
  • Crawl Space or Attic Systems or other special circumstances may incur an additional charge. Ask for details.
  • Air wash uses 250 PSI air whip, breaking free the loose particulate & soils inside the air ducts and allowing our 17,000 CFM truck to remove it from the house.
  • Package includes up to 15 vents; additional vents at $18/vent.
Standard $599.00
For typical systems with 3 or more years of build-up.
Includes everything in the Basic package above plus:
  • Thoroughly brush the system with our pneumatic brushes to additionally scrape the inner sidewalls of the ducts.
  • Hand clean the blower.
  • Package includes up to 15 vents; additional vents at $25/vent.
Maximum Efficiency $729.00
Includes everything in the Basic and Standard packages above plus:
  • Wet clean the A/C coil and secondary heat exchanges.
    (improves air cooling efficiency by removing scale and hardwater buildup)
  • Aerosol sanitizer applied through vents.
  • Air whip-wash condenser outside
    (improves system efficiency by removing dirt, dust and leaves that block outflow air)
  • Package includes up to 15 vents; additional vents at $30/vent.

Ask about our additional services for improved efficiency and energy savings, including:

  • - Allergen treatment for duct-mites
  • - Sanitizer treatment for mold, viruses and bacteria
  • - Dryer vents, bathroom exhaust
  • - Water heater flow
  • - Chimney and flue
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 (303) 597-1777

Serving All Of Metropolitan Denver, CO Loveland, Boulder & Ft. Collins, CO


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